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Aero Drum Ltd is a company specializing in the design and production of RC (Radio Controlled) blimps, aerostats, and custom shapes. RC blimps are remote-controlled airships that are commonly used for advertising, aerial photography, or entertainment purposes. Aerostats, on the other hand, are tethered balloons or airships that can be used for various applications such as surveillance, communication relays, or scientific research. Aero Drum Ltd offers a range of services related to these products. This may include designing and engineering the airships, manufacturing them using lightweight and durable materials, incorporating remote control systems for maneuverability, and providing customization options to meet specific client requirements. If you have any specific questions or need further information about RC blimps, aerostats, or custom shapes, feel free to ask!

2 m RC Blimp

2 m / 6.5 ft RC Blimp for sale -
Clever, agile and fun to pilot -
1287 € / 1300 $ -

The 2 m RC Blimp is the smallest in size although it has all the maneuverability of any other RC Blimp. Height control, horizontal and vertical direction and combinations of all in real time. It is very easy to pilot. Barely more complex than an RC toy car. Large surfaces on the sides are a great canvas for your logo. Additional options are an internal RGB LED light and a mechanism for dropping coupons, caps or other. It has 100 to 200 g load capacity. It is very popular in high schools, team sports halls and universities. See here for more information


3 or 3.5 m / 9.8 or 11.5 ft RC Blimp for sale -
Elevated lift and twin motors
3 m - 1677 € / 1690 $ - 3.5 m - 1810 € / 1830 $ -

Here you can choose between 3 m and 3.5 m. The difference is not in the function but in the increased volume of 3.5 m which can lift up to 500 g of load. Since the surface of the envelope is larger, it has a cabin that has twin motors that rotate 180 degrees. The tail motor gives it a left or right turn. It is bought by high schools and universities both for scientific projects and to support team sports through sponsors. Additional options are internal RGB LED lighting and dropping mechanism. Like all our other Blimps it fully complies with security standards and the envelope is made of b1 fireretardant film. Click here for more information


4.5 m / 14.8 ft RC Blimp for sale -
perfect size for all indoor spaces -
1930 € / 1950 $ -

For the 4.5 m RC Blimp we can freely say that it is the king of interior spaces. Huge surfaces on envelope sides for banners and your logos. Load capacity of over 1 kg make it interesting for indoor advertising as well as for scientific and business projects. A huge number of universities have commissioned it to test developing autopilots, warehouse scanning and other projects where a safe, vibration-free flying platform is needed. We optionally install RGB LED light as well as a dropping mechanism. For more information

Outdoor RC Blimps and Airships

From 5 to 12 m as standard offer of real life tested RC Blimps to Custom Designs


5 m / 16.4 ft RC Blimp for sale -
Starting point for outdoor flying -
7454 Euro / 8254 USD

The 5 m RC Blimp is the starting size for flying outdoors. Outdoor flying requires more powerful engines, more battery capacity and a different, more complex design. The ultra-light aluminum "cabin" with easy installation on the envelope and removal is where we placed the rotating shaft of the twin engines. Vertical and horizontal stabilizers with servo-controlled flaps in combination with rotary motors enable precise and easy control. As with other RC Blimps, we optionally install an internal RGB light as well as a dropping mechanism depending on what you want to use it for. Many high schools, universities and individuals recommend it as an excellent RC Blimp for beginner outdoor flying. More information here ...


6 m / 19.7 ft RC Blimp for sale -
Precise outdoor flying
8654 € / 9583 $

The 6 m RC Blimp has an increased load capacity of 2 kg. This allows you to set up a variety of remote search equipment. The aerodynamic index is low due to the ratio of length and height (6: 1.5 m). The installation of the "cabin" is flexible thanks to the point rail system. This system allows the cabin and cargo to be placed in the appropriate center of gravity, which directly affects the excellent flight characteristics. Whether you use it for aerial reconnaissance, advertising, science or other purposes, it will prove to be a safe and flying platform you can rely on. If you intend to use it for air advertising, we optionally install an internal RGB LED light and a dropping mechanism. See here for more information.


7 m / 23 ft RC Blimp for sale -
big,spacious and powerful -
11271 € / 12481 $

7 m RC Blimp begins to take on the characteristics of real airships. Size and volume require much more powerful engines, higher battery capacity and more powerful construction. Its useful load is about 2.5 kg, which gives great freedom in the equipment you want to lift. As with all our outdoor blimps, all directional controls are dual so if one fails the other will land it safely. As safety systems, required by EASA and FAA, there is a safety valve and a safety spool with 100 m of rope. All electronics are tested during "cold testing" when a fully assembled 7 m RC Blimp is tested for several hours. We ship it as fully ready for use except for gas purchased locally. Click for more information.


10 m / 32.8 ft RC Blimp for sale -
Now we are talking airships -
19418 € / 21502 $

10 m RC Blimp enters the category of small airships. Twin brushless motors of 500 KV on a rotating axis with 13 inch propellers give enough power for strong flight. Combined with a powerful reverse brushless motor on the tail, it quickly and elegantly performs the maneuvers given to it by the RC pilot. Huge surfaces on both sides of the envelope and a load capacity of 3 to 4 kg allow you to use it for both advertising and remote sensing purposes. All safety systems are installed and the only thing you need when you order it is gas that you buy locally. For more information here.

12-m-RC-Blimp with vector motors

12 m / 39.4 ft RC Blimp for sale -
Unique side vectored Airship -
33470 € / 35900 $

The 12 m RC Blimp is an airship that is the culmination of all our work and experience. As the 12 m envelope is extremely long, we set up vector motors on the sides so that the power transmission is as direct as possible and with less power losses as possible. As both motors are in line with the horizontal axis of the envelope, it is an ideal place for power transmission (from the motor to the envelope). By using composite materials, we managed to reduce the weight of the engine holder construction and unload the envelope as much as possible. All control systems are dual and synchronized. For example: The side motors are synchronized with the horizontal flaps and the tail reversible motor with the vertical flaps. It also has several safety systems such as a safety valve and a safety spool with 100 m dacron rope. If you need and want a big one - 12 m RC Blimp is for you. Click for more information.

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Indoor and outdoor RC blimps are remote-controlled miniature airships that can be operated both indoors and outdoors. They are popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts for their unique flying capabilities and visual appeal.

Indoor RC Blimps: Indoor RC blimps are designed to be flown in confined spaces such as indoor halls, gymnasiums, or even large rooms. They are usually smaller in size compared to outdoor blimps and are designed to be lightweight and maneuverable. Indoor blimps typically utilize electric propulsion systems, such as small electric motors or ducted fans, to provide the necessary lift and control. They are often powered by rechargeable batteries and controlled using a handheld transmitter. Due to their small size and lightweight construction, indoor blimps are less affected by wind and can perform precise maneuvers in confined spaces. They are commonly used for indoor entertainment, advertising, and educational purposes.

Outdoor RC Blimps: Outdoor RC blimps are larger and more robust compared to their indoor counterparts. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are capable of flying in open areas such as parks, fields, or stadiums. Outdoor blimps often feature more powerful propulsion electric systems or gasoline or nitro engines, to generate the necessary thrust. Outdoor blimps are controlled in a similar manner to indoor blimps, using handheld transmitters. However, due to their larger size, they can carry additional equipment, such as cameras or sensors, for aerial photography, surveillance, or scientific research. Outdoor blimps are also used for promotional purposes, carrying banners or advertisements.

It's worth noting that while indoor and outdoor RC blimps have some differences in terms of size, construction, and propulsion systems, both types offer an exciting and unique flying experience. Whether indoors or outdoors, RC blimps provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy piloting a miniature airship.

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