RC Blimps Videos

real life RC Blimps

2 m indoor RC Blimp with dropping mechanism

Ideal for all indoor spaces

16 x 2.7 m Solar RC Blimp

Inteligent Solar RC Blimp made for Trans-Atlantic Challenge

10 m RC Blimp RC Blimp

Start size in Airships

Logos and Art work on Blimps

Special Airbrush technique for Polyurethane Envelopes

Dispersed Modular Propulsion RC Blimp

DMP RC Blimp - in short

Outdoor RC Blimps and add ones

Diverse outdoor RC Blimps designs

4.5 m RC Blimp

Lift up to 1.5 kg

Indoor RC Blimps

Various indoor RC Blimps sizes


Original design - 5 years in making


Aerial Surveillance, Remote sensing and Aerial data collection

More to come