Growth, development and achievements in the last 20 years

Accumulation of inventions, advances and applied solutions to small Blimps and Airships

Short history

We started modestly in 1999, where our goal was to adopt the technology for the production of advertising Blimps. But we quickly realized that such stable and vibration-free flying platforms could be used for other purposes as well. Since 2003, we have been working on the development of Blimp Aero Photo systems as well as free-flying Blimps. To date, we have managed to develop 8 standard sizes of RC Blimps (from 2 to 12 m) as well as a number of custom sizes that we have exported around the world (mostly USA and Germany). The RC Blimps offered on this site are the result of countless hours of design, work and testing.

As a result of persistence and dedication we have had the honor to work and collaborate for the following clients: Airbus, MIT, Cornell, Murdoch, National Geographic, Aerospace (USA, Europe and Italy), Skylifter, GreenPeace, Ocean Cleanup, Opera House Zurich, Red Cross Museum, WSAR, Bristol, NATO Davos, SAS, Samsung, Spar, Desjardins, Nivea, Puma, Accenture, JM industries, and many more Universities, Institutes, Companies and private clients.

Achievements and Advances in LTA Technology by Aero Drum Ltd

SAFETY VALVE AND SAFETY REEL: One of the first innovations we had to adopt was the safety valve. As it is obligatory by law as well as necessary, it is logical that we started from it first. Today we have two types of safety valves: one that just opens and the other that can both open and close. We install them in external RC Blimps and other custom shapes. The same was true for the safety reel which has 100 m 2 mm dacron rope.

Safety-valve-for-Blimps-1 Safety-reel

ENVELOPES OF THE BEST POSSIBLE QUALITY: Of course, the envelopes must be safe, somewhat elastic, B1 fire retardant and minimally leaky. Here we tried a number of techniques and the best proved to be a manual technique with a tape that secures the welds. We compared it to the welds of ultrasonic machines and our welds proved to be much better.

Solar modules on Blimp

FLEXIBLE SOLAR MODULES: Since Blimps can float almost indefinitely (which is their positive nature), in order to make the best use of the energy that drives them, it must also be long-lasting. During 2020-2021, we developed elastic solar modules of 24% efficient Maxeon solar cells.

Flexible-solar-module Solar-Modules-on-the-envelope

INTELLIGENT POWER DISTRIBUTOR: In order to be able to use the energy obtained from solar modules on Blimp, we have also developed a device that distributes energy. It directs the energy from the solar cells partly to charging the batteries and the other part to the systems on Blimp (motor, receiver, servo, ...).

Power-distributor-for-Solar-Blimps Software-for-Power-distributor-for-Solar-Blimps

BALLONET HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE: If long autonomy (days) is expected from the Blimp besides solar modules ballonet is also crucial. A ballonet is an inner balloon that regulates the pressure of the envelope (outer shell) by inflating and deflating. The ballonet also affects the buoyancy of the Blimp. In order for all the elements on the Blimp to be tightly attached and have function, the pressure in the envelope must be within certain limits. We developed hardware and software that automatically maintain pressure in the Ballonet.

Blimp-Ballonet Electronic-circuit-for-the-Ballonet-automatic-control Blimp-Ballonet-control-software