5 m (16.4ft) RC Blimp Worldwide delivery

5 m outdoor RC Blimp is the minimum for outdoor flying. Meaning that the envelope have enough lift to set stronger motors, more battery power, composite fins with ailerons, heavier electronic components,... This model can lift up to 1.2 kg and have our revised and updated original ”rail system” where you can move the motor mount as well as the payload (camera rig) in the exact gravity center of the Blimp. All controls are double guaranteeing that at least one will fork for sure. Double welding technology for the polyurethane envelope is ensuring that the helium permeability is as low as possible - 0.5% max on total volume daily. This particular model is the first choice for University and Institute projects worldwide especially for new autopilots testing and other prototyping and experiments as well as to enter the outdoor Blimp experience. The 5 m RC Blimp is in production more than 15 years with regular improvements due to advance of digital technology and better building films and materials. Several dozen are flying all around the world today.


Ready to fly and Kit price

  • Ready to fly - 5.212 Euro or 6.140 USD
  • Kit version - 3.645 Euro or 4.248 USD
  • Helium volume - 8 m3
  • Flight time - 40 to 60 minutes depending on piloting style
  • Envelope material - High Quality UK Polyurethane
  • Assembly technology - Double welding
  • Helium permeability - 0.5 to 1% maximum on total volume daily
  • Expected lifetime - Several years
  • Electronics components - Extensively tested prior to delivery
  • - Ready to fly - Everything included except helium. Just inflate the envelope and Fly!
  • - Kit version - All but electronics. A list of recomended electronics, easily available on the Internet, is sent after purchase

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  • - Internal RGB Light with light generator and IR controller – 220 Euro/ 260 USD
  • - Dropping mechanism - 70 Euro / 85 USDwith a 4 channels RC
  • - Art Work (Logo) Print on envelope - 230 Euro / 270 USD
  • Production time

  • Production time: maximum 7 to 10 days. Transport (370 Euro / 440 USD Worldwide) by FedEx or specified by the client. Logo needed in .eps or .cdr or other Print friendly format.
  • Safety

  • The 5 m RC Blimp has all safety features. Protected propeller housing, high quality envelope that can stand much higher internal pressure than needed, extremely low helium permeability and other related. The Envelope material have B1 safety grade.
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    Payment options

    Wire (Bank) transfer, Credit card or PayPal

  • Bank transfer
  • Aero Drum DOO Beograd
  • Vojislava Ilica 99a, Belgrade, Serbia
  • IBAN: /RS35250134000008407083
  • PayPal
  • PayPal:
  • Contact us to send you the invoice or your questions.
  • Before final order we strongly recommend that you contact us to exactly define the Blimp that you want to order. What options, Logo, dropping, or other.
  • Email: Mobile: +381 64 56 37 679